Saving Money for Tourists On Exchanging Currencies

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Every year, there are approximately 940m tourists from all over the world, all travelling to varying destinations, for varying reasons. According to UNWTO (World Travel Organisation), the top ten destinations for tourism in 2010 were:

1.France (76.80m)
2.US (59.75m)
3.China (55.67m)
4.Spain (52.68m)
5.Italy (43.63m)
6.UK (28.13m)
7.Ukraine (27m)
8.Germany (26.88m)
9.Turkey (24.58m)
10.Mexico (22.40m)

Of the 940m tourists, just over half travelled for holidays and leisure purposes, and that number is expected to grow for 2011. To help plan your holidays, think about ways to save money and time before you go, to avoid that pre-holiday panic that ensues as the countdown untill take-off ticks down. The most important and most effective way to save money is with .... money! The cost of travelling abroad incurs a lot of costs before you have even left the country, such as flights, accomodation, insurance, excursions etc, but what a lot of people forget is that there is a lot of money to be saved when exchanging your hard earned pounds to take abroad.

There are many ways to exchange your money, such as the Post-Office, exchange bureaus, travel agents and even supermarkets. But always be careful as to which one you choose, as the exchange rates can differ considerably when compared. We also know that there are many ways to compare exchange rates and exchange costs but it is usually worth checking the exchange rates out for yourself to make sure you get the best deal. RationalFX, typically a foreign exchange broker, offer a travel money service which can offer extremely competitive exchange rates, as well as a delivery service straight to you! You can do the whole transaction over the phone or online so you can also save you a lot of time. They are not listed on a lot of comparison websites, but you can check out their current travel money rates online in seconds, and they also offer a rate comparison which is updated every day to compare their rates to banks and travel agents.

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Saving Money for Tourists On Exchanging Currencies

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