Relocating to Switzerland and Transferring Your Money in to Swiss Francs

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Switzerland is known around the world for its beautiful landscapes, clean, modern cities and it's astounding mountainous backdrop of the Alps. Landlocked between Germany, France, Italy and Austria, it is located right in the heart of Europe. Economically, Switzerland is one of the richest and most successful countries in the world, with an extremely strong currency and stable structure. The Swiss Franc is currently recognised as being a 'safe haven' amongst financiers as the currency is known to be stable, even so, it is definitely worth checking out the current exchange rates for the Swiss Franc.

Many more Swiss residents rent their homes as opposed to purchase them. Like any city in any country in the world, rent in larger towns such as Zurich and Geneva typically have higher property and rental prices, whilst property in less popular towns is generally expected to be cheaper. Health insurance is also a must when residing in Switzerland. The Swiss are highly renowned to have some of the best health care and medical facilities in the world, however, you pay for what you get, and health care in Switzerland this does not come cheap. The majority of Swiss residents opt to pay for private health care, with an estimated expected cost of around 300CHF per month.

Living in Switzerland is not the cheapest option throughout the world, however, you certainly get everything you would want, everything you need, and everything in between. Make sure you save some money at the first hurdle when moving, and that is transferring your finances to a globally popular Swiss bank account. Use a foreign exchange company who will be able to save you money on transfers to Switzerland by offering you highly competitive exchange rates, no commission deduction and no handling or service charges.

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Relocating to Switzerland and Transferring Your Money in to Swiss Francs

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