Registering for residency in Belgium and transferring money online

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Before you actually leave the country for Belgium, it is a good idea to know exactly what you will need to do before you get there. First and foremost is to ensure that you have enough money for at least a temporary stay. If you are planning on living in Belgium, you should open a bank account there, which will allow you to transfer money there effectively. Avoid using your bank for your transfers because there can be hefty charges when sending money overseas with them. Instead, opt for a specialist money transfer company who can assist you with everything you need to know about transferring your money to Belgium. They will be able to save you money on transfer fees and you will see a greater amount of money received as there is no commission and their exchange rates are better than that found on the high street or in banks.

When you arrive in Belgium and intend to stay, you should notify the local authorities of your intent to stay in Belgium and provide your passport or identity card which will entitle you to a 'declaration of presence', allowing people who are EU nationals a stay of up t o 3 months. There are some circumstances where you will be required to apply for 'Annex 19'. This includes people that will be seeking work in Belgium and will need to register at the public labour services.

Annex 19 applies to everyone who intends to stay in Belgium for over 3months, with a requirement to specify the reason for your stay, whether it be a student, EEA citizen, job seeker etc. From here, you will be able to apply for Annex 8, which is a certificate of registration in Belgium from which one of three outcomes are possible. You could have your Annex 8 administered with immediate approval once they have seen the required evidence and documentation of your stay. Secondly, your application could be referred to the 'Aliens Bureau', in which your case will be individually reviewed before being granted registration in Belgium. This could be for a number of reasons, such as those who are still seeking jobs, people with no means of supporting themselves and those who have a lack of proof of a family link to an EEA national. The third outcome is a potential issuance of an extra month to complete all of the necessary applications for registration, or eventual refusal of registration from Belgium.

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Registering for residency in Belgium and transferring money online

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