Leaving the UK to Move to Canada and Exchanging Pounds for Canadian Dollars

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With financial doom and gloom threatening most of Europe and the United States, today we thought it would be a good idea to share some information on Canada, and how to transfer your money in to Canadian Dollars if you are planning to relocate there. We know that there will be people out there scanning the newspapers and internet and reading how Italy and Spain are financially in trouble, and how the US is panicing over a second recession. Therefore, some of you may be considering spending your holidays somewhere different, or maybe looking for a stable place to move or start a business!

The second largest country in the world to Russia at 3.9 million square miles, but with about a fifth of the national population! Approximately 34million people live in Canada and roughly 90% of them live within 200 miles from the US border! Canada has everything to offer, from retirement in a remote village to the hustle and bustle of a city break. Whether you want skiing, sailing, sight seeing, exceptional food or diversity, Canada always has something to offer!

Before you do go though, do remember one thing: when you get there, you will need money! If you are sending large amounts of money, using a foreign exchange broker may be the best solution! Whether you are sending money to employees, transferring money to buy property or starting a business, take a look at transferring your money safely, securely and without hidden fees!

On the other hand, you may just be holidaying in Canada, or passing through there on your gap year travels! Though the amount you will be spending doesn't compare to buying a house, you can still make sure you get that extra little bonus by exchanging your currency in the right place! Check out the (link: exchange rate for Canadian Dollars now!

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Leaving the UK to Move to Canada and Exchanging Pounds for Canadian Dollars

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