How to send money to Italy quickly, cheaply and safely

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There are a lot of people who have migrated from the UK to Italy and are in need of a way to transfer money between a UK bank account and one that they have set-up for use in Italy. Whether you intend to send large amounts of money, such as money for property purchases or starting a business, or if you are sending smaller amounts for helping a friend or relative, the time, costs and security need to be considered when transferring money to Italy.

There are lots of things to think about when considering your money like if you will be sending one large sum of money or if you will be sending the money in smaller, regular installments. This may also apply if you have retired from working in the UK and have moved to Italy and are in need of transferring your pension which is received in to your UK bank account to the account you hold in Italy. This can work out very costly as regularly sending money can incur huge transfer fees as each time you make a transfer, it has an individual transfer fee applied to it. The same comes with transferring a large sum of money in one transfer. There are usually no negotiations on exchange rates with an establishment like your bank for example, and the transfer fees could potentially increase depending on the amount you want to send, and the speed in which you want it to get there.

A better option for you would be to use a foreign exchange broker like RationalFX. They offer highly competitive exchange rates on the Euro and have a dedicated UK-based handling team which can accommodate for all your money sending needs and answer any queries that you may have. For regular transfers to Italy, you can also arrange a regular payment plan which saves you more and more money the longer you make the regular payments.

There is never any commission and there is always the possibility of a free transfer with RationalFX. They have been trusted by thousands of clients with over £1bn worth of transfers made worldwide. They are authorised by the FSA so can ensure the security of your transactions and to start sending money, all you need is an email and a bank account. They can help you make your money transfers quickly, cheaply and safely.

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How to send money to Italy quickly, cheaply and safely

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