5 points to consider about expat life

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So you are going to embark on your new expat life!

Whether you are jumping in head first and seeing where it takes you, or you have carefully planned out your emigration with a supply of your favourite “can’t live withouts”, living in another country is always going to throw you a few surprises. Here are a few pointers that will hopefully help you on your way.


You are going to need money. It is an obvious thing, but many people fail to bring enough with them or have transferred very little. It can be helpful if you have friends or family that can wire you money in your early moment of need. Get a bank account sorted and keep an eye on the money transfer exchange rates so you know when it’s best to make a transaction from the UK. A simple way to do this is to follow market reports and set up rate alerts offered by companies like RationalFX.

Join the expat community

Anywhere you go, you will find expats who are friendly and always ready to help you land on your feet. This can be from sorting out tedious paper work to informing you of the main local dos and don’ts. You can even start building friendships online even before you get there - so start hitting the expat forums and find out where to meet other expats!

Be vigilant

Where are you going to live? What part of town are you going to frequent? Every place has good and bad parts so get familiar with them. The previous point may help you get wise.


Where is your income coming from? You may have a job already waiting for you or you may have to start looking as soon as you get there. It is always helpful to have skills that people need in that country to make the job search easier. If it is more applicable to your destination why not start with giving out language lessons!


Remember to experience and enjoy the culture! Talk to the people and explore the different places. You will learn so much to settle in and really get the most out of what that country has to offer.

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consider about expat life

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