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GBP to FJD Exchange Rate

Currency Information on Fiji - FJD- Fijian dollar - $. The foreign exchange currency code for FJD represents the Fijian dollar exchange rate.

The Republic of Fiji islands uses the Fijian Dollar as its official currency. FJD is the abbreviation for the currency. It uses the dollar sign as its symbol with the letters FJ to distinguish it from the US dollar that is FJ$. The FJD has cents as its sub units. Every dollar is comprised of 100 Fijian cents. One Fijian dollar trades for about 50 US Cents. The central bank is referred to as the Reserve Bank of Fiji.

The History of the Fijian Dollar

Currency Exchange Rates for Fijian dollar. The Government first introduced the Fiji Dollar as the state’s currency in 1867.The currency’s term was however short lived as it was replaced with the British pound then the country became a British colony. This went on until 1969 when the Fijian dollar was reintroduced. This was due to the country’s oncoming independence in 1970.Fiji is however, still a member of the Common Wealth.

The Central monetary Authority was selected to be the official printing body of the country's paper monies. The country's Reserve Bank also began issuing bank notes in 1987.Since then there have been several developments in the currency. The FJ$ 1 note was replaced with a coin in 1995 when the FJ$ 50 note as also introduced. Plastic coated notes were introduced in the year 2006 and in 2007 the first FJD$ 100 bank note came into existence.

Denominations of the Fiji Dollar

As mentioned earlier the Fiji has the dollar as the main currency and the cent as its sub-currency. The currency has several denominations to represent this. Currency Information on FJD. These are:

Coins: 5cts, 10cts, 20cts, 50cts and $1

Notes/Bills: $2, $5, $10, $20, $50 and $100

Until 2013 these denominations had Queen Elizabeth II’s image. The country has since then replaced it with pictures of animals, plants and other objects. An example is the new 10 cent coin which has the Fiji Flying Fox on one side and a throwing club on the other. The two dollar note on the other hand has a Peregrine Falcon on one side and a Kava Bowl on the other.

Do I have to use the Fijian Dollar when I travel to Fiji?

Yes, this is a must. Local stores only accept the Fijian Dollar as a form of payment for their products. Some larger stores do however, let you use a credit card so if you have no FJDs on you so all hope is not lost. You can transact with your card while you search for an exchange bureau. You will want to find one quickly because without the Fijian Dollar you will not be able to get much done in the country.

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