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Currency Exchange Rates for Chinese Yuan Renminbi. Currency Information on Chinese Yuan Renminbi - CNY— Chinese Yuan - ¥. The foreign exchange currency code for CNY represents the Chinese Yuan Renminbi exchange rate

The currency as a whole’s official name is the Renminbi, but ‘yuan’ is much more well-known and recognisable as the People’s Republic of China’s currency. The currency is not legal tender in Hong Kong or Macau, but is still sometimes accepted there, as banks in both countries allow for the easy exchange between the two currencies, even allowing people to hold and maintain bank accounts holding either tender.

The Chinese Yuan is not yet fully-liquidated, and as such, is not fully convertible into all other currencies at present. This id concerning for national Banks, and some, like the Bank of Thailand, have expressed their concerns surrounding the economic responsibilities and commitments of China remaining unmet.

China also has a bad track record regarding international loans, and is not fully optimised or knowledgeable to perform such loans.

Currency Information on CNY. Frequently used Yuan coins in circulation are; ¥0.1, ¥0.5, ¥1, with ¥0.01, ¥0.02, and ¥0.05 being rarely used, if at all. Banknotes in yuan are available in denominations of ¥0.1, ¥0.2, ¥0.5, ¥1, ¥2, ¥5, ¥10, ¥20, ¥50, ¥100 though the 2 Yuan coins is not frequently used.

The use of currency in china started long ago. A duration that can be traced as early as 3000 years back.Different items have been used as money. These includes cowry shells, lead, copper and bronze.
The Chinese Yen as a unifying currency was introduced in the late 19th century. It is used together with the Chinese Jiao in various transactions in the country. Fen is also used used on a limited scale only in supermarkets.

The Chinese Yen is in both notes and coins. The notes come in 100 Yuan,50 Yuan,20 Yuan,10 Yuan,5 Yuan,2 Yuan and 1 Yuan denomination. On the other hand only 1 Yuan is a coin. These are the only legal and known Yuan denomination circulating within the economy. No foreign currency is used as a medium of exchange in the country.

One of the currencies used in place of the Chinese Yuan is Jiao. It is available in notes of denominations of 5 Jiao,2 Jiao 1 Jiao and Jiao. The Jiao coins also include 5 Jiao,2 Jiao and 1 Jiao.
It is used in Greater China, peoples Republic of China, Taiwan and Hong Kong.
Fen is also used and the notes include 5 fen,2 fen and 1 fen. The coins include 5 fen,2 fen and 1 fen.This currency is used on a limited scale mainly in supermarkets.
It is used by the peoples' Republic of China, Republic of China(Taiwan) and Hong Kong.

China controls have lately put controls on purchase of foreign currencies as well as the outflow of the Yuan so as to protect its currency reserves.
China has strict control on its financial sector. This is mainly meant to ensure stability of the Yuan and the other currencies it uses. This means that China only opens its financial sector to a small extent to the foreign countries.

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Convert GBP to CNY exchange rate. Buy and sell British Pounds to Chinese Yuan Renminbi. Convert CNY to GBP with a currency broker offering the best foreign exchange rates. Exchange GBP to CNY - Convert Pound to Chinese Yuan Renminbi for a Free Online Quote.

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