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Currency Exchange Rates for Chilean Peso. Currency Information on Chilean Peso - CLP— Chilean Peso - $. The foreign exchange currency code for CLP represents the Chilean Peso exchange rate.

The lively economy of Chile is fundamentally supported by its abnormal state of fare import exchange with its Chilean peso value. The monetary notoriety of Chile was fortified when the majority rule government driven by Patricio Aylwin, which took control from the military in the year 1990, developed the financial change begun by the military administration. Chile saw critical monetary development amid 1991-1997, with its actual GDP developing around 8% amid a similar period. 


In 2007, the GDP of Chile was US$ 163.88 billion, and it developed by 3.48% in the next year. The Chile's GDP recorded for the year 2008 was US$ 169.573 billion. Chile remains at 49th position on the planet rankings to the extent the GDP of the nations in the world is worried in the year 2008. It's recorded GDP for 2008 is over the world's normal. In 2009 it was required to go around 19.9% in contrast to the figures accomplished in 2008 and is determined to be around US$ 135 billion. 


Chile is recorded at No.61 on the planet given GDP per capita in 2008. It recorded figures of US$ 10,123.82 for GDP for each capita in the year 2008 which surpass the world's normal. It developed by 2.45% from the earlier year and is relied upon to be around US$ 7994 in the year 2009 which is under 21.04% from the figures recorded in 2008. 


The Global Competitiveness Report issued amid the budget period 2007-08 records Chile in the 26th position among the most aggressive nations in the world and first among the nations of Latin America. It is positioned well over the other noticeable nations of the district like Mexico, Brazil and Argentina. The list constituted by World Bank for simplicity of working together positions Chile at the 33rd position in the globe. 


The real commitment to its GDP originates from an administration part. The other critical areas incorporate mechanical and rural. The significant ventures of Chile incorporate iron and steel, angle preparing, foodstuffs, copper and other real minerals, transport and related hardware, items produced using wood, materials, building and concrete. 


The fundamental items Chile imports incorporate engine vehicles, powers, purchaser merchandise, chemicals, substantial modern and electrical hardware, and sustenance items. The real nations that fare merchandise to Chile incorporate Brazil, United States of America, Argentina, India and China.

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Currency Information on CLP. Some banknotes and coins have nicknames, such as ‘luca’ for the one thousand peso note. The coins in circulation include; 1, 5, 10, 50, 100 and 500 pesos, whilst banknotes include 1,000, 2,000, 5,000, 10,000 and 20,000 pesos.

The Chilean peso subdivides into 100 centavos, although centavo coins have dropped out of circulation. The Chilean peso was introduced in 1975, when it replaced the escudo at a ratio of 1,000 escudos: 1 peso.

The coins introduced during the change remained similar to the coins being replaced, with higher denominations of coin being introduced over time due to inflation and the dropping out of lower denominations such as all denominations of centavo.

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