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Currency Exchange Rates for Cour deFranc Pacifique. Currency Information on Tahiti - CFP- Cour deFranc Pacifique. The foreign exchange currency code for CFP represents the Cour deFranc Pacifique exchange rate.. Currency Information on CFP.

About the Cour de Franc Pacifique

The Cour de Franc Pacifique (CFP) is the currency used in the French overseas collectivities (these are administrative divisions in France). They consist of;

- French Polynesia

- Wallis

- Futuna and

New Caledonia

Being a major economic element in the former French Colonies, the currency is key to the regions business and part of all exchange. It is governed by the Institute emission Outre-Mer or simply referred to as the IEOM. All currencies are available in a range of denominations for ease of carrying out transactions, so is the CFP.

The CFP was first used in the year 1945. This was the same year as the CFA, which is used in Africa. After the Second World War, the French franc was weakened and necessitated the creation of these two francs. After ratification of the Bretton Woods Agreement (December of 1945), it was deemed necessary to devalue the French franc in order to facilitate a fixed exchange rate in transactions involving the US Dollar. It was due to these processes that it was necessary to have a buffer to protect the French colonies from the sudden devaluation of the franc. This is how the CFP came to being.

The available denominations in notes are;

-500, 1000, 5000 and 10000 Francs

The available coin denominations are;

1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100 Francs

In terms of value, the highest denomination of the CFP, the 10,000 Franc note is equivalent to €83.8. It began circulation in 1986. 

The economic impact of devaluation of a currency can be clearly seen here in the events that led to the establishment of the CFP. It can be seen that the need to stabilize an exchange rate needed a backup process to sooth the economic hit that was potentially going to be felt in the French colonies. In coming up with the CFP and the CFA for Africa, the perceived economic effect was alleviated. 

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