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Currency Exchange Rates for Cambodian Riel, Currency Information on Cambodian Riel - KHR — Cambodian Riel - ៛. The foreign exchange currency code for KHR represents the Cambodian Riel exchange rate.

An overview of Cambodia.

Cambodia is one of the most popular Southeast Asian nations going through amazing economic advancements. The country attracts a lot of global investment in all sectors due to the amazing infrastructure facilities and investor-friendly norms. The lifestyle and home expectations in Cambodia are also not the same as what it was until a few years ago. International standards are now expected out of living spaces and the facilities that are on demand are also topnotch. This is mainly because of the overall change in crowd the country has these days due to the fabulous entry of people from different parts of the world, job opportunities offered by conglomerates, and the enhancement in lifestyle habits of the people. The Peak is one of the latest offerings in the real estate sector of the country that is taking home expectations in Cambodia to an all-new level. 

The Peak is a fabulous mixed development project undertaken by premium real estate developers in Singapore, Oxley holdings, and is getting ready in a major location in Phnom Penh city center close to Diamond Island. The dreams of modern man are satisfied with this property because it is placed at an eye-catching location, loaded with all modern amenities, and priced attractively. The big name in hospitality segment, Shangri-La Hotel is located next-door from The Peak and this makes the place even more charismatic and elegant. In fact, the presence of the Hotel and The Peak and mutually beneficial for both and will set another major landmark in the beautiful capital city. 

The Peak Cambodia will be a 55-storey mixed development housing all sorts of modern amenities. There will be a total of over 1000 apartments in this property and it will be based out of two towers. Each tower will have around 500 units and will be equipped with all sorts of modern fittings, household articles, and impeccable home appliances. There will be studio apartments, 1-bedroom apartments, 2-bedroom + study apartments, 3-bedroom apartments, and penthouses in The Peak by Oxley. This will satisfy the requirements of all sorts of people who are looking for a permanent place in the fabulous city. The Peak by Oxley is a one-of-its-kind mixed development that comes with attractive payment options as well. Prices start from as low as USD1xxK along with the extremely convenient deferred payment options to lure the interest of all sorts of people. The national currency of Cambodia is called RIEL (pronounced as in the English word "real"). The letters written by the figure of an amount is "KHR," such as, KHR1,000.00. "KHR" means Khmer Riel. The word "Khmer" (pronounced "the-mayh") is the traditional name of the country of Cambodia (Kingdom of Cambodia) and its citizens.


Convert Pound to Cambodian Riel

Currency Information on KHR. Coins are available in denominations of 50, 100, 200 and 500 riels, and frequently used banknotes include; 100, 500, 1,000, 2,000, 5,000, 10, 000 20,000 and 50,000 riels, whilst 50 and 100,000 riels notes are rarely seen or used.

Named after the Mexican Real, used in Cambodia in the mid- nineteenth century, the second riel was introduced in 1980, before which Cambodia had had no monetary system since 1975, due to Khmer Rouge abolishing money upon gaining control of the country.

When the second riel was introduced, it was given to the populace as an incentive to use it, as there was no currency to replace. In Cambodia, both riel and USD are used, as is the Thai baht, in areas closer to the Thai border.

Convert GBP to KHR exchange rate. Buy and sell British Pounds to Cambodian Riel. Convert KHR to GBP with a currency broker offering the best foreign exchange rates. Exchange GBP to KHR - Convert Pound to Cambodian Riel for a Free Online Quote

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