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Currency Information on CAF. Currency Information on Congo Democratic Republic - CAF- Central African CFA franc- FCFA. The foreign exchange currency code for CAF represents the Central African CFA franc exchange rate. Currency Exchange Rates for Central African CFA franc.

A brief introduction to the Central African CFA franc

The Central African CFA franc is the currency of six independent countries in Africa. These countries include Cameroon, Central African Republic, Chad, Republic of the Congo, Gabon, and Equatorial Guinea.
However, the Central African CFA franc can be used in eight other countries saw well, making the overall number of countries that currency is used in at fourteen countries overall. Despite being a monetary source that unites six-nation the Central African CFA franc is not as powerful as the non-franc economic sources in other regions of Africa.

Bringing Money Into the country
The country brings in money via exporting goods such as diamonds, timbers, cotton, tobacco, and coffee. Their main economic partners are China, Belgium, Indonesia, France and the DR Congo.
Does the Central African CFA franc have any restrictions
Since the Does the Central African CFA franc have any restrictions is a currency that is used by more than one country, it is quite versatile in its use. However, this currency has failed to truly make nay lasting positive effects in the regions where it is being used.
Many economists have observed the negative effects of the currency as well as the slow growth of the economy.
Does the Central African CFA franc have any issues
There are many political and economic issues that arise with the Does the Central African CFA franc.

These issues come in the form of colonialism and monetary authoritarianism. The French have a great amount of authority in this region of Africa. They dictate about 80% of how the economy will run.
For many this, what many would consider neocolonialism, is what is keeping the country from developing at a faster rate.
Substitutes Currencies and why
Since the French has such a strong hold on the economy of many Central African countries the chance to us o substitute the economy is very difficult, at best, to change.

Brief economic trend
Currently, there is a great push to unionize the eastern hemisphere with the western hemisphere of Africa to create a stronger economy.
Main country banks
The main country bank is located in Yaounde, Cameroon, however, the bank distributes to six other countries.

Convert Pound to Central African CFA franc

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