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Currency Information on BYR and Currency Information on Belarusian Ruble - BYR — Belarus Ruble – Br. The foreign exchange currency code for Belarusian Ruble represents the Afghani exchange rate where Currency Exchange Rates for Belarusian Ruble.


The local currency of Belarus is Belarusian Ruble. The currency differs from the Russian Ruble even though it is where the name was gained from. The Belarusian Ruble is not freely available in other foreign nations.

As per the customs regulations of the country, no regulations have been placed on the import of foreign and local currencies. However, if the amount is equal to or exceeds USD $10,000, it must be declared or notified to the customs officials by the importer. The lack of restriction is because their local currency is not fully convertible. Hence, an individual cannot get the Belarusian ruble anywhere except Belarus. So the only way for the people who are coming into Belarus to have the local currency is by exchanging their foreign currency inside the country.

In terms of export, Belarus has established certain restrictions for foreign currencies. Since the foreign currencies are essentially imported, Belarus allows the importer to take back (export) the same amount or less which was declared and brought into the country. Furthermore, in the case of foreign bank notes and coins, Belarus follows the principle of exporting them within two months of their import.

As a substitution for currencies, an individual can use bank cards. The most widely used payment system through cards in Belarus is Visa and MasterCard. Most of the restaurants, shops, and hotels in Belarus would accept bank card and online payments. However, Belarus has stopped using American Express Traveler’s Checks. The reason is most of the bank has stopped issuing Traveler’s Checks since online payment and bank cards have proven to be simple and faster.

Compared to the year 2014, Belarus has been experiencing a downward economic trend as its GDP value kept on decreasing. Even so, experts are saying the economic trend would grow in the next few years. The central bank in Belarus is National Bank of the Republic of Belarus. The National Bank of the Republic of Belarus manages all the currency activities inside the country. The central bank governs over all other banks in Belarus. 3 significant among them are Belarusbank, Belinvestbank, and Belgazprombank.

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The Belarus Ruble has been reissued twice, with the first ruble being introduced in 1992 and being replaced at a rate of 1 new ruble: 1,000 old rubles with the second ruble in 2000, the second ruble is still in circulation. The new ruble has only been issued using banknotes, meaning that there are no coins currently in circulation, and any coins produced are for commemorative purposes or as collector’s items.

Before 2008, the Belarus ruble was attached to the Russian ruble in terms of exchange rates, but since 2008 it has been tied to the US Dollar instead.

Rubles subdivide into 100 kapekya; however, no physical denominations are available in kapekya. Currently circulated banknotes are available in denominations of 100, 500, 1,000, 5,000 10,000, 20, 000 50, 000, 100,000 and 200,000 rubles.

The value of the ruble has decreased dramatically over the past ten years, with the Centtral Bank of the Republic of Belarus lowering the exchange rate of the ruble by 20% in 2009, then by a further 56% in 2011.

The exchange rate then dropped 34.2% in 2011, as a result of being fully floated. In 2015, the Central bank of the Republic of Belarus devalued their currency further, by 23% as a consequence of Russia ruble crisis crossing the border.

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