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Currency Information on AZN and Currency Information on Azerbaijani Manat - AZN — Azerbaijani Manat – m. The foreign exchange currency code for AZN represents the Azerbaijani Manat currency exchange rate.

Azerbaijan is a country in the Caucasus, in the crossroads of Europe and Southwest Asia, with an east coast on the Caspian Sea. The recently deceased President Heydar Aliyev succeeded in transforming the country from a relative backwater to a pivotal power in Central Asia. Azerbaijan is represented in the Parliamentary Assembly by a delegation of 6 representatives and 6 substitutes.


Azerbaijan, located on the western edge of the Caspian Sea, sits at the crossroad between East and West. Azerbaijan has the highest infant and under-five mortality rates of any country in the Europe and Eurasia region. Azerbaijan's relatively small government size is its one standout strength, helped by trade freedom and moderate taxes. The Azerbaijanis, commonly referred to as Azeris, live in a wider area from the Caucasus to the Iranian plateau.


A letter of invitation from a contact in Azerbaijan is required, and travellers who expect to travel in the region should request a one-year, multiple-entry visa. Air travel to Azerbaijan on international carriers via Europe is typically more reliable. Through their local agent in Azerbaijan, prospective parents submit their application (dossier) to the General Section of the Ministry of Health of Azerbaijan, if the child is less than 3 years old or to the Ministry of Education if the child is older. However, Azerbaijan has antithesis at its core: wealth mingles with poverty; Soviet blocks jostle with 10th-century mosques. Trade and Development Agency to assist Azerbaijan in reforming its pension system. The currency is the Azerbaijani manat (AZM). The number of languages listed for Azerbaijan is 14. The new Azerbaijan constitution grants religious freedom and asserts that there is no state religion. The Jewish community has enjoyed warm relations with the Azerbaijani government.


Azerbaijan's money has plunged after moving to a drifting swapping scale, causing a surge on dollars and shops as clients attempt to purchase products before costs increment. The manat lost 32% to the dollar yesterday following the national bank's choice to quit securing its incentive despite falling oil costs. The bank said it had lost the greater part its remote stores attempting to shield the cash.


Convert Pound to Azerbaijani Manat

Currency Exchange Rates for Azerbaijani Manat - Current coins in circulation are; 1, 3, 5, 10, 20, 50 qəpik, one manat is equal to 100 qəpik. Banknote denominations available are; 1, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 manat.

Larger denominations of banknotes were considered by the Central bank of Azerbaijan, but they announced in 2013 that these would not be issued until at least 2014; no further announcements have been made on the issue.

Prices in Azerbaijan are displayed in both old manat and new manat; this is to ease the transition from old manat to new manat, which was introduced at a ratio of 5,000 old manat to 1 new manat. Robert Kalina is responsible for the design of the manat coins and banknotes in circulation.

He also designed the Euro notes and coins, which is why the manat currency so closely resembles euro coinage and banknotes. New notes were issued in Azerbaijan in 2009 after the National Bank of Azerbaijan was renamed Azərbaycan Mərkəzi Bankı – Central Bank of Azerbaijan.

Convert GBP to AZN exchange rate. Buy and sell British Pounds to Azerbaijani Manat. Convert AZN to GBP with a currency broker offering the best foreign exchange rates. Exchange GBP to AZN - Convert Pound to Azerbaijani Manat for a Free Online currency Quote.

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