When you do decide to transfer your money, ensure you get the best exchange rate

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A specialist currency broker such as Currency Solutions will provide you with bank-beating exchange rates which can be as much as 4% better than a high street bank. They are able to do this because, unlike a bank, they specialise in foreign exchange so they have lower operating costs than financial institutions that offer a wider range of financial products. Due to the sheer volume of foreign exchange dealings currency specialists perform on a daily basis, they can also pass on significant savings to their clients.

Receiving the best foreign exchange rates is often a matter of timing – a bank can’t contact you at the optimum time to trade, ensuring you get the best exchange rate within your specific timeframe, but a currency specialist like Currency Solutions can. You can avoid hidden costs by opting for a specialist currency broker with a transparent pricing policy. At Currency Solutions, there are no commissions or transfer fees meaning no hidden costs.

Transfer your money at the right time

When navigating the foreign exchange markets, knowledge truly is power. Understanding the different options available to you for buying currency is essential for saving time and money.

As well as saving on your exchange rate, Currency Solutions will provide flexible trading options to suit your needs, and Currency Specialists are always on hand to help you make an educated decision about how and when to transfer your currency.

What options are available?

Spot trade

A spot trade is when you buy currency now and pay for it now; perfect when you need to make a payment quickly. You’ll benefit from the best rate without any additional fees, and the recipient will receive the funds within 3-48 hours of payments being sent.

Forward Contract

If you’re looking to fix an exchange rate now for a future date, you can arrange a forward contract. This is when you buy the currency on the day with a 10% deposit and the remaining full amount is paid when you need the money. Once you have fixed a desired rate you can be assured that you are protected from currency risk, meaning you won’t have any nasty surprises when you eventually make the payment. A forward contract can be fixed for up to 24 months and can be flexible should your timescales change.

An example of using a forward contract would be when buying an overseas property which doesn’t complete straight away. You know the cost of the property in pounds, but what it costs you in sterling will depend on the rate you achieve. By locking a rate for a future date you are protected against adverse movements.

Regular Payment Plan

For international mortgages, pensions, maintenance costs, savings, school fees, salaries or any regular transfer abroad, Currency Solutions can set up an automated payment at a fixed exchange rate that will save you time and money.

By fixing an exchange rate for a set period you will be able to budget your payments and as the service is automated, you won’t have the hassle of dealing with the bank each month.

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When you do decide to transfer your money

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