Tax-free investment opportunities in Belize

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Investors looking to make the most on their returns are often tempted by the various tax breaks offered by countries looking to encourage financial input from overseas.

Belize, which is on the North Eastern coast of Central America and bordered by Mexico to the North and by the Caribbean Sea to the East, is a former British colony known as British Honduras.

Being the only Central American country to have English as the official language, it has long been a favourite for expats looking to make a base in the region.

With a new boom in tourism as well as being seen as a good retirement location, the Caribbean appeal for property investors is at an all time high.

Having a population of just over 300,000 marks the country out as the least densely populated in the region, although it currently has the highest growth rate. This is putting pressure on the domestic property market to keep up with demand.

Already known for the attractiveness of its off-shore banking system and with the local currency pegged to the US dollar, Belize has a reputation as a ‘safe harbour’ for investments in what is a stable political and economic environment.

When it comes to foreign investors buying into the property market, the tax free incentives mark it out as a place of interest for wealthy buyers, and with low construction costs for new builds it means that a 1,250 sq ft detached villa will currently cost only $75,000 to finish.

However, the practise of simply buying land and holding onto it until the price rises sufficiently to make a good profit is also popular, and land holding costs in Belize are currently around $10 per year.

This means that investors can ‘park’ funds at costs of next to nothing whilst waiting for them to increase significantly in value due to the classic supply and demand pressures the country is currently undergoing.

Whatever transactions you make by moving funds internationally, the exchange rates of the currency markets can impact on profits. Always use a currency transfer specialist to get the best deals.

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Tax-free investment opportunities in Belize

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