Summit headlines fade ahead of debt auctions

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The chat over the weekend has remained on the political instead of the economical side of things following Cameron’s decision to use the UK’s veto to a new EU treaty. The Sunday papers of every political stripe have covered it from top to bottom so, without any real progression over the weekend, we will leave it at that except to say that we believe that issues such as the Irish corporation tax rate will come back to bite the Merkozy axis sooner rather than later.

We have seen pressure come on to the European leaders via one ratings agency last week with a credit outlook downgrade issued for all members of the euro. Overnight we saw Moody’s state that it expects to review its ratings for the Eurozone through Q1 of next year while adding that they were not impressed by the resolutions and decisions made at Friday’s summit and that it “offered few new measures” to resolve the debt crisis.

The immediate effect on rates has been very little with EURUSD, GBPUSD and EURGBP near the levels they entered the summit on Thursday night. The pressure remains on the EU leaders and bond markets as we believe they must keep the good news flowing through to the market or they risk the bears coming back and the euro weakening further. The week ahead contains a good bit of data from the UK alongside important figures from the Eurozone and some large bond auctions.

Today we have Italy attempting to sell EUR7bn of 1yr debt while France is looking to get rid of around 6.5bn of short term paper as well. The curves are no longer inverted for these markets (a sign that yields are higher for short term time frames and therefore the market is worried about short term funding) but funding costs do remain high. Short term debt never really gets too much attention given it can be rolled over pretty easily and, if we do see high yields, then that is normally as a result of short-term issues that can be quickly resolved. Italy is at 10am and France at 2pm.

The data calendar is quiet those auctions apart with further discussion on the political future of the European continent the likely driver of trade.

Indicative Rates Sell Buy
GBPEUR 1.1684 1.1711
GBPUSD 1.5558 1.5583
EURUSD 1.3301 1.3326
GBPJPY 120.79 121.06
GBPAUD 1.5337 1.5343
GBPNZD 2.0226 2.0254
GBPCAD 1.5912 1.5941
NZDUSD 0.7682 0.7703
GBPZAR 12.67 12.72
USDZAR 8.1380 8.1727
GBPPLN 5.2760 5.2960
EURJPY 103.25 103.52

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Summit headlines fade ahead of debt auctions

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