Knowing the options available to you, how do you pick a Currency Broker?

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As well as looking for a company who will provide you with the best rate, it is also important that you feel comfortable with who you are dealing with. Things to consider include:

Are they safe and secure?

One of the first things you should do when looking for a place to take your currency is make sure that it’s safe. Currency Solutions are regulated by HM Revenue and Customs and authorised by the FSA.

Do they offer a personal touch?

A good company will offer you a personal account manager to become a single point of contact and talk through your requirements as well as providing you with whatever market information may be relevant. Unlike banks or other brokers, Currency Solutions never use call-centers, so you can expect to speak to someone as soon as you get in touch.

Can they offer strategies to help you protect yourself from currency volatility?

As we’ve already outlined, it’s a turbulent market and rates are forever fluctuating which can expose your money to currency risk. You can’t escape it, so it’s best to be prepared.

Make sure the company you use is thorough in their explanation of the services they provide. As well as offering spot, forward and regular payments, Currency Solutions can also help if you need to make a future transfer and have a particular exchange rate in mind. Your account manager can set a 'market order' which will automatically buy currency if a predetermined rate is reached. This means you won't miss out on getting the best exchange rate and can take advantage of peaks in the market.

Do they offer real time rates?

While most banks quote a daily rate, Currency Solutions offer rates from the real-time market. This means that they are able to offer the best price based on the time you need your money.

With a dedicated service, superb rates and the knowledge to guide you safely when changing money, Currency Solutions make foreign exchange transfers as easy and cost effective as possible. If you’d like to see how we can transform the way you exchange currency, as well as how much time and money you can save, simply follow three easy steps:

Step 1: Registration

Registration with Currency Solutions is simple, free and can be done in minutes. The easiest way is to register online at just complete the quick quote form and someone will come back to you. Once registered, you’ll be under no obligation to make a transaction.

Step 2: Buy Currency

When your account is open, your personal Currency Specialist will contact you to discuss your currency requirements. He or she will provide you with market information, flexible trading options and will help you book a currency trade if you wish to do so. Once you have agreed an exchange rate over the phone your broker will send you a confirmation note with details of the trade and payment instructions for you to tell us where to send the funds.

Step 3: Make Payment

Once you have sent funds to our segregated client account, we transfer your purchased currency into your nominated account straight away. Depending on the currency you are buying (and where you are sending it) this will take from 3 to 48 hours.

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Knowing the options available to you, how do you pick a Currency Broker?

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