Investment bargains in Portugal's capital city

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Whenever property prices fall in an established market location it is always worth looking into the possibilities of whether a shrewd investment opportunity might just be arising.

Lisbon, in Portugal, is not only the biggest city in the country but it is also a fully fledged European state capital. The good news for property investors is that even in the most desirable sectors of the city prices are falling significantly.

The cost of a high end three bedroom flat has fallen by 28 per cent recently and overall property sales are expected to decrease by 75 per cent this year compared to levels in 2006.

The fall is down to direct action from agents who have seen only 5,000 transactions take place and are as a result advising clients to continue to drop asking prices to encourage sales.

In common with neighbouring Spain, the country is undergoing drastic financial upheavals with banks continuing to restrict lending, leading to a depressed home-based property market.

As usual in situations such as these, demand for rentals is at an all time high and lettings expectations are extremely positive.

It isn't just Portuguese nationals who are targets for both lettings and sales when it comes to property transaction; the cultured history of the city and the proximity of uncrowded beaches in Troia and along the Alenteho coast make for an attractive package across the board.

With prices now at historically low levels and an increased desire to attract overseas buyers from China and Russia, now could be the best time to make a move into this attractive market.

If you are looking to invest in property in the Portuguese city, remember to shop around for the best way to send money internationally, as this will help cut your costs when it comes to investment.

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Investment bargains in Portugal's capital city

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