'Green' Marbella Prompts Foreign Interest

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With much of the coastline of Spain having fallen foul to over-development since the first heyday of the boom in tourism back in the seventies, the attraction of ‘green’ areas is stronger than ever for investors looking to buy into a less commercialised location.

The European Environment Agency's latest study of European cities found that Marbella was one of the best places for those seeking an unspoilt landscape, as only 22% of the area is covered by buildings, concrete or tarmac. Only Norrkoping in Sweden is greener, with 21.6% coverage.

Tech-savvy potential buyers who use the internet for property searches are also using online mapping services to get an overview of the amount of build-up that an area has.

Satellite images which confirm that the city of Marbella and much of the surrounding area is very green indeed are helping to fuel interest in the local property market amongst a new class of potential buyers.

The open space of the city centre is supplemented by parks, and the outskirts are famous for the extensive golf courses and the mountainous backdrop to the countryside of the suburbs.

Traditionally a favourite with British expats, more recently Marbella has been attracting the interest of a wider cross-section of foreign investors, most notably Scandinavians, Russians, Chinese and Latin Americans.

As an established luxury market on the Costa del Sol, Marbella has escaped the very worst of the trouble in Spain’s housing market, although there are still deals to be made.

The shortage of luxury stock entering the market, especially when it comes to contemporary villas and beachfront apartments, means that sellers are in a position to force a hard bargain.

Whether you are looking to invest in Marbella or send money abroad online elsewhere, you should think carefully about your options.

It is advisable to compare the different choices and the market rates to ensure you get the best deal when it comes to transferring money abroad.

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'Green' Marbella Prompts Foreign Interest

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