Golf tourists prefer Spain

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A new survey by a Golf Advisory Practice puts Spain at the top of the list of countries favoured by international tourists looking to play on the world’s best courses.

Portugal and Scotland came second and third on the list respectively, reflecting the former’s advantages when it comes to climate and the latter’s for its importance in the history of the game.

But it is Spain that continues to be the top hotspot for golf tourists, with the climate, world class courses and added extras of perennial holiday attractions all adding to the mix that attracts golfers in such large numbers each year.

Despite the continuing economic troubles in the country, many aspects of the tourist industry are helping to ward off even greater upheavals in Spain.

Global golf holiday sales increased by more than 9% in 2012 compared to the previous year, with estimates putting the number of golf travellers well over the one and a half million mark.

This means that the pastime is likely to generate tourism funds of around £1.2 billion, and demonstrates how important it can be for a local economy.

The impact hasn’t been lost on property investors, with values remaining high around popular golfing resorts and rental yields proving to be a good return.

The demographic of a golf tourist means that certain standards are usually required when it comes to accommodation, with disposable income generally not being too much of a problem.

Another twist is that Germans are increasing their presence as golfing tourists, with an estimated 36% increase in buyers of property based around golfing destinations in Spain in 2012 coming from the country.

The 50 golf courses on the Costa del Sol, each with good quality facilities, is part of the reason that property values and transactions in the region have held up in the face of turmoil in other parts of Spain.

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Golf tourists prefer Spain

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