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See a list of Currency units per country

In addition, some countries are widely known to accept multiple currencies.
American Samoa (US Dollar) Marshall Islands (US Dollar)
Anguilla (East Caribbean Dollar) Micronesia Federation (US Dollar)
Antigua & Barbuda (East Caribbean Dollar) Montserrat (East Caribbean Dollar)
Australia (Australian Dollar) Namibia (Namibian Dollar)
Bahamas (Bahamian Dollar) Nauru (Australian Dollar)
Barbados (Barbadian Dollar) New Zealand (New Zealand Dollar)
Belize (Belizean Dollar) Niue (New Zealand Dollar)
Bermuda (Bermudian Dollar) Norfolk Island (Australian Dollar)
British Virgin Islands (US Dollar) Northern Mariana Islands (US Dollar)
Brunei (Bruneian Dollar) Palau (US Dollar) Panama (US Dollar)
Canada (Canadian Dollar) Pitcairn Islands (New Zealand Dollar)
Cayman Islands (Caymanian Dollar) Puerto Rico (US Dollar)
Christmas Island (Australian Dollar) Saint Kitts & Nevis (East Caribbean Dollar)
Cocos Keeling Islands (Australian Dollar) Saint Lucia (East Caribbean Dollar)
Dominica (East Caribbean Dollar) Saint Vincent & Grenadines (East Caribbean Dollar)
East Timor (US Dollar) Singapore (Singapore Dollar)
Ecuador (US Dollar) Solomon Islands (Solomon Dollar)
El Salvador (US Dollar) Suriname (Surinamese Dollar)
Fiji (Fijian Dollar) Taiwan (New Taiwan Dollar)
Grenada (East Caribbean Dollar) Tokelau (New Zealand Dollar)
Guam (US Dollar) Trinidad & Tobago (Trinidad & Tobago Dollar)
Guatemala (US Dollar) Turks & Caicos Islands (US Dollar)
Guyana (Guyanese Dollar) Tuvalu (Australian Dollar)
Hong Kong (Hong Kong Dollar) United States of America (US Dollar)
Jamaica (Jamaican Dollar) Virgin Islands (US Dollar)
Kiribati (Australian Dollar) Zimbabwe (Zimbabwean Dollar)
Liberia (Liberian Dollar)

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Currency Unit List

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