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Reporting and Review Foreign Exchange

There needs to be continuous monitoring whether the Exposures are headed where they are intended to reach. As such, the Exposure Management activities need to be reported and reviewed.

Managing Foreign Exchange Risk is an essential part of business dealing in this area and should be viewed with objectivity and if monitored, Installing Hedging, Reporting and Review systems that work takes time and effort. Although there will be a Learning Curve to be overcome when setting Benchmarks all that has been stated above cannot start happening straightway but will in turn work with the amount of effort you exert.

Foreign Exchange Reporting

The Exposure Manager will prepare the following Reports on a regular basis:

Report Name What is Shows Periodicity
MTM Report The Mark-to-Market Profit/Loss
status on Open Forward Contracts Daily, closing
Exposure Report The All-in-all exchange/interest rate
achieved on each Exposure, and
profitability vis-à-vis the Benchmark Fortnightly

VAR Report Expected changes in overall
Exposure due to forecasts
exchange/interest rate movements Monthly

Foreign Exchange Review

A monthly Review meeting will consider the following:

Issue On the basis of Points to be reviewed
Exposure Performance Exposure Report - Is the Benchmark being met/bettered?

Market Situation - Reviews of market developments Is the Big Trend still in place? Or has it changed

Benchmarking The above two Does the Benchmark need to be changed
Hedging Strategy MTM and Exposure Reports Is the strategy working well? Or does it need
to be fine-tuned/overhauled?

Operational Issues Exposure Manager’s Experiences Operational problems to be solved.

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Reporting and Review

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