exchange rate from all the companies listed will also beat your bank

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Whatever your reason for sending money overseas Compare Money Transfer will make your currency transfer as straight forward and cost effective as possible.

Purchasing property overseas?
Buying something special?
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Better exchange rates
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Clearly no two people are the same so the currency solution we offer will be specifically designed for your needs. Compare Money Transfer can help you to choose the best foreign exchange broker available

Foreign Currency Exchange brokers provide their service for private individuals but also to business clients. This service will save your business money if you are paying suppliers, importing or exporting goods or even paying your staff abroad. Using a money transfer broker is essentially transferring your funds to a broker instead of using your bank but with the benefits of better exchange rates and usually no commission free.

Please note – this information relates to buying or transferring larger amounts of foreign currency (amounts over £5,000) – see our Travel Money, Travel Money Card and Travellers Cheques pages for buying Foreign Currency for travel and holiday.

What does this mean? Unless you happen to work in the foreign exchange industry, the chances are your experience of buying and selling currency will be limited to when you go on holiday. So when purchasing a large amount of currency it is essential you obtain specialist guidance.

Compare Money Transfer compares wholesale foreign currency brokers and by using our simple comparison chart you will be able to get advice on your options available and ultimately secure far more competitive exchange rates compared to your high street bank.

Furthermore, not even the most astute City economist can predict the future. Consequently, until you secure your exchange rate you are at risk to adverse currency movement.

So, if you are buying a property off plan and have stage payments to make, or maybe you know how much currency you need but the payment is not due for a while, By using Compare Money Transfer can eliminate any risk by choosing the best money transfer broker for your needs and by fixing your exchange up to two years ahead.

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Sending Money Transfers Overseas - Using International Money Transfer Services - Sending Money Transfer Abroad by foreign exchange brokers could save you between 2% to 4% on currency exchange rates,

The exchange rate from all the companies listed will also beat your bank, ranging from 2% to 4% so on an average transfer of £100,000 you could be saving up to £4000.

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