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One Off Transfers in Foreign Currency

Need to send a one off transaction - With so many companies offering this service who do you choose? Compare Money Transfer only compares FCA regulated companies ensuring your money is safe.

When you need to do a single money transfer abroad who do you use, Your bank? A foreign exchange company?

Based on our new research poll we took out with consumers using compare money transfer we were told four important facts.

Consumers just wanted to get their money from A to B the quickest way possible.
Consumers left the money transfer to the last moment.
They all used a their banks at some time and felt hard done by on the exchange rate they got.
Felt banks or anyone else should not be charging for transfer fees.
Based on this information we have currency providers who can set up an account quickly where once opened you can get the best exchange rates with no transfer fees and who can cater for sending your currency at the last moment.

One Off Transactions why use Compare Money Transfer

What ever the need to do your one off transfer, Compare Money Transfer will save you money. Compare Money Transfer is an independent comparison site where you can find all the information you need to complete a one off money transfer offering you easy and efficient service for free to give you complete peace of mind.

When planning to move abroad or moving to the UK you will benefit from HUGE savings with Compare Money Transfer as you can see who is offering you the best currency exchange at the lowest charges possible.

Benefits of using Compare Money Transfer
Foreign exchange companies listed offer better exchange rates than your high street bank.
Save you to 4% on money transfers through our currency exchange rates as compared to high street banks.
Protect yourself against negative exchange rate movements. You may fix exchange rates for up to a year in advance.
No hidden charges No nasty surprises.
No transfer charges, no commission fees and no overseas bank receiving fees, when transferring over £5000
Compare Money Transfer offer a simple, fast and accurate service.
Compare Money Transfer are experts in helping you to transfer your money, providing simple, jargon-free solutions to suit your needs. Compare Money Transfer provide accurate foreign exchange information with companies that are FSA regulated and are experts in dealing with currency transfers.
Send One Off Payments Abroad - Why use Foreign Exchange Experts

Set up one off transactions or multi money transfers as and when you need to
Simple application form to complete with instant one off transfers available
Better exchange rates than banks
Expert advice from foreign exchange experts to help you maximise on your one off money transfers
Offer free quotations with no obligations to trade
Provide currency exchange updates and market watch so you can buy your one off transfer currency at the rate you want
Available to fix rates for up to one year when doing large one off transfers

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