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Is your company at risk to exchange rate fluctuations?

Depending on market conditions on some days you will obtain better exchange rates than on others. Clearly this will impact your profits and by using various hedging mechanisms we will be able to limit any currency exposure on international money transfers.

Is your company at risk to exchange rate fluctuations?

Either by fixing your exchange rate when the market is in your favour, or of course limit any losses if exchange rates worsen. Two of the most popular are outlined below:

Forward Contract:
You fix the exchange rate today for delivery at a time in the future. You can even set the contract so you are able to draw down funds before the maturity date as and when you require the currency.

Forward Contract Benefits:
Protect your profit, assist with forecasting / budgeting, minimal deposit required to secure rate

Limit / Stop Loss Order:
Where currency is bought or sold for delivery when an agreed exchange rate becomes available.

Limit / Stop Loss Order Benefits:
Maximise / protect profit, we monitor the markets for you, only complete the contract if your target exchange rate is achieved, free and can be cancelled at anytime.

Why choose to deal with Compare Money Transfer

Compare and Obtain more competitive exchange rates
Reduce your operating costs
Increase profits margins
Manage risk
Advice on options available
Corporate Money Transfer

Clearly no two companies are the same so the currency solution we offer will be specifically designed for your business. Compare Money Transfer can help many corporate clients across industry sectors including:

Import / Export
Event Management
International recruitment
Film and media
How confident are you about your company's foreign exchange strategy? When clients first approach us we often find they share one or more of the following issues;

The exchange rates they are receiving are not as good as they could be
They are not kept up to date with the market link to market news
Profits could be at risk to movements in exchange rates
When you first make contact with a foreign exchange broker they will conduct a free review of your existing foreign exchange practices. This will help to address any weak areas, which will ultimately save you time and money. Not sure contact us direct and we can assist you.

Foreign Currency Exchange brokers provide their service for private individuals but also to business clients. This service will save your business money if you are paying suppliers, importing or exporting goods or even paying your staff abroad. Using a money transfer broker is essentially transferring your funds to a broker instead of using your bank but with the benefits of better exchange rates and usually no commission free.

Please note – this information relates to buying or transferring larger amounts of foreign currency (amounts over £5,000) – see our Travel Money, Travel Currency Card and Travellers Cheques pages for buying Foreign Currency for travel and holiday.

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