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Getting the best currency exchange rate has never been harder and as a business trying to get more for your money is more important than ever. Did you know that banks only offer the best currency rates to their corporate customers and if you are current;y using your bank to do foreign exchange transfers not only are you paying transfer fees every time you complete a transaction but you are getting the same currency exchange rate as consumers that transfer money using their bank and on average paying between 1% to 4% more than using a foreign exchange provider.

By opening a trading account with a foreign exchange provider you automatically get the same rates on offer to corporate companies and the margin rates are improved with volume.

One thing to note is that it is very difficult to establish exactly what savings can be made between non-bank providers and the banks on larger transactions like this, as there are several factors that can influence the margin % that the client is quoted by both sectors.

Historically figures show that currency brokers can save the client anything between 1 – 3 %. This in itself is a substantial range to use as estimates / examples and as mentioned the actual savings made (and the margin % taken) are dependent on several factors (market movements at the time the trade is agreed, relationship the client has with said bank / non-bank provider, consistency of trades, particular dealer involved in the trade etc.)

Typically currency brokers will save you in the vicinity of between 1-3% so in an example of say €2,500,000.00 the saving could be anywhere between €25,000 to €75,000.

However on corporate larger amount trades the banks tend to be more towards 1% and possibly 0.2% lower. However the saving can still be considerable, even if at say 0.2% this would still result in the client saving €2500.

Why use a Corporate Foreign Exchange Broker?

Clearly no two companies are the same so the currency solution we offer will be specifically designed for your business. Compare Money Transfer can help many corporate clients across industry sectors including:

Import / Export
Event Management
International recruitment
Film and media
How confident are you about your company's foreign exchange strategy? When clients first approach us we often find they share one or more of the following issues;

The currency rates they are receiving are not as good as they could be
They are not kept up to date with the market link to market news
Profits could be at risk to movements in exchange rates
When you first make contact with a foreign exchange broker they will conduct a free review of your existing foreign exchange practices. This will help to address any weak areas, which will ultimately save you time and money. Not sure contact us direct and we can assist you.

Forward Contract:
You fix the exchange rate today for delivery at a time in the future. You can even set the contract so you are able to draw down funds before the maturity date as and when you require the currency.
Protect your profit, assist with forecasting / budgeting, minimal deposit required to secure rate

Limit / Stop Loss Order:
Where currency is bought or sold for delivery when an agreed exchange rate becomes available.
Maximise / protect profit, we monitor the markets for you, only complete the contract if your target exchange rate is achieved, free and can be cancelled at anytime.

2% to 4% so on an average transfer of £100,000 you could be saving up to £4000.

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