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Use TransferGo Ltd for affordable money transfers online today.

If you work in a foreign country and often have to send money to a loved one then the challenges of international money transfer are not new to you. It's never easy making the right choice on which money transfer company to use. It is, however, possible for you to make an informed decision by using comparison websites, especially those that feature different service providers, their services and rates. Also, TransferGo ltd one is such companies that provide payment services and found on numerous examples comparison websites. It a young company started in 2012 with the aim of helping migrant working in Europe send money back home.  So, It has revolutionized international money transfer and built partnerships with over 30 banks.

Benefits of using TransferGo Ltd?

1). Affordable money transfers.
Making transfers can be an expensive affair and often limits the amount sent to loved ones. TransferGo allows you to make savings of up to 90% during a transfer.
2). Fast service.
TransferGo Ltd can transfer funds in a couple of hours. While the usual time period is one day up to 90%of their transfers are completed in a couple of hours.
3). Fixed rates.
Once you book a transaction the amount you see is inclusive of all the fees charged for that particular transaction. So, They charge depending on which country the deposit is made and an additional 0.6%-1.5% for conversion of the currency( this depends on which country the deposit is made from as well as the amount transferred).
4). Safe transactions.
While making such important transactions it is always smart to work with a trusted and reliable partner. Like other licensed and authorized payment institutions, TransferGo Ltd is under the regulation of the Financial Conduct Authority. It is also under the supervision of Her Majesty's Revenue and Customers so be assured that they will provide high-security standards.

TransferGo Limited

Pros of using TransferGo Ltd.
1) Low fees.
You can save up to 90% on your money transfer costs. All the fees are included in the transfer so you don't have to dig a bit deeper to cater for tanager fees.
3). Large market coverage.
TransferGo Ltd is available in up to 23 European countries. It also has over 30 bank partners making their services available to everyone with a bank account.
4).Short transfer period.
Funds will be available the very next day after a deposit is made with many transfers taking just a couple of hours. This made possible by the local in and local out system that shortens transaction times significantly.
5). Available to businesses.
Many businesses also take part in international transfers. Using the same local in and local out system, TransferGo Ltd allows your business to make cheaper international transactions as well as make timely payments to your suppliers.
Cons of using TransferGo Ltd.
1) Limited coverage.
With only 23 European states under its belt, they miss out on a worldwide coverage. Also, Services are not available globally.
2). Limited services. 
There are few ways to send and receive money. You have to make a deposit first before money transferred to the recipient. There are no additional services as in banks.
3). Transfer time may increase.
As a regulated company, they must ensure that all the rules are followed so your transfers may be delayed due to security checks. So, You may also want to factor in that no transfers are made on weekends or holidays.

Personal Services

  • Emigrating Emigrating
  • Managing Currency Exposure Managing Currency Exposure
  • One-off International Payments One-off International Payments
  • Overseas Properties Overseas Properties
  • Regular Monthly Payments Regular Monthly Payments

Business Services

  • Export Export
  • Hedging Strategies Hedging Strategies
  • Import Import
  • Managing Currency Exposure Managing Currency Exposure
  • Overseas Investments Overseas Investments

How to Apply

How to open an account with TransferGo

1). Sign up. You can do this either by using your email address. Hence, Enter your password. You will receive an email from TransferGo prompting you to confirm your email address.
2). Confirm your email address by logging in to your newly created account.
3). Enter transfer details. These include the country you are sending money from and the recipients country.
4). Enter your personal details i.e. Name, phone number etc.
5). Make a local payment or use your debit card to make payment.

  • Denmark- 20.00 DKK.
  • Poland-9.00 PLN.
  • Hungary-500.00 HUF.
  • Romana-9.00 RON.
  • Eurozone-0.99 EUR.
  • Norway-20.00 NOK.
  • Sweeden-10.00 SEK.
  • UK-0.99 GBP.
    TransferGo Ltd vs Bank.
    So, Here are a number of reasons as to why you should consider transfer go as your money transfers partner as opposed the bank.
    1) Transparency. 
    Unlike in banks, you will not lose money through hidden charges. Also, Your loved one will also receive the exact amount of money you deposit, no need to worry about currency fluctuations.
    2) Quick easy transactions.
    Unlike banks, TransferGo Ltd has a faster transfer system. Banks take up to 7 days while TransferGo Ltd can take just a few hours.
    Hence, From all the information it is clear that TransferGo Ltd is a simple and efficient way to make cash transfers to your family. So next time you are looking for a company that believes in customer satisfaction try TransferGo Ltd

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