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Lebara Money Transfer

Lebara Money Transfer

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100000 GBP
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FCA Regulated
112,520.00 EUR
FCA Regulated

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FCA Regulated FCA Regulated

Forward Contract Trading Forward Contract Trading

HM Revenue Customs Regulated HM Revenue Customs Regulated

No Commission Charges No Commission Charges

No Transfer Costs No Transfer Costs

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Lebara Money Transfer Service, an online money transfer service that enables easy money transfer from one person to the other. Locally or internationally. This service established back in the year 2016 by Lebara Group in London. Which is the youngest company that now offers overseas money transfer? And as well known for serving migrants with cheap international mobile calls.
Since its incapacitation, it has gained a lot of popularity. However, it faces stiff competition from other big companies like RemitMoney, Azimo, and XendPay. The company has more than 1000 employees with more than five million active users across the world. Lebara Money regulated by Financial Conduct Authority in the United Kingdom in charge of the financial matters.

It has a unique feature that allows you to lock-in the current currency exchange rate for up to 30 days but you have to pay extra fees. Even though this is more expensive than the normal rate, it helps in solving the problem of those who fear currency fluctuation. The company also offers SIM cards, top-ups, bundles, as well as international entertainment services.

The company has received awards that include, Best New Money Transfer Service as well as MoneyNet Personal Finance award. This shows that the company has a lot of potentials since with only after being one year into the market, it is already winning awards. Lebara money transfer definitely going to win more rewards in the future since it has already shown that it has a lot more to offer.

Personal Services

  • Emigrating Emigrating
  • Managing Currency Exposure Managing Currency Exposure
  • One-off International Payments One-off International Payments
  • Overseas Properties Overseas Properties
  • Regular Monthly Payments Regular Monthly Payments

Business Services

  • Export Export
  • Hedging Strategies Hedging Strategies
  • Import Import
  • Managing Currency Exposure Managing Currency Exposure
  • Overseas Investments Overseas Investments

Consumer Information

Lebara International Money Transfer Payments

You definitely must be a registered member of Lebara Money transfer for you to be able to actively make transactions on this platform. This done easily and very first online. You will need to have an active email address since you will be using your email address and password as your unique login details. Also fill in your basic information like your names, contacts and then create your account. You will then have to agree to terms and conditions that they have set out to all its members. After you agree and confirm, you now become a registered member of Lebara Money.

For the first transaction that you carry out on Lebara Money. You not charged anything but thereafter Lebara Money charges 0.5 % of the total transfer.

Lebara Money Transfer Service Pros?

-No hidden fees. Therefore all the transactions are transparent.
-Possible to lock the exchange rates that best suits you.
-Easy, fast and convenient.
-Also very affordable in terms of the fee they charge compared to other money transfer service providers.
-Also offers very competitive exchange rates compared to other money transfer service providers.
-Allows transactions of small amounts, unlike its competitors in the money transfer sector thus attracting more customers.

Lebara Money Transfer Service Cons?

-Limited currency. This may be the case where you cannot find the currency to send to the Lebara system. Therefore transacting with Lebara becomes impossible.
-You cannot pay using online money transfers. Lebara Money only accepts Debit and Prepaid cards.
-You need to be 18 years and above for you to be registered for Lebara Money.

How to Apply

Lebara Money

The good thing with Lebara Money transfer is that it offers very good exchange rate for its users. This attracts more people who then register as new members. This money transfer service is also available to those who want to transfer a small amount of money. Unlike other money transfer services providers that usually concentrate on those making a huge international transaction.

These other money services providers set a high minimum amount that transferred, therefore, locking out those who transfer small amount. So those people making small transactions end up being members of Lebara Money. This explains why Lebara Money has become so popular and has registered so many users within just a very short period of time.

To send money is very easy, fast and safe. You just log into your Lebara Money using the details you used to register your account. Now logged in, you choose the amount you want to transfer. You either decide to transfer the amount you have entered at that moment or decide to send that money later. If you choose to send that money that time. The money is sent and it takes between one to three days to reach the recipient. However, if you decide to send later. Ability to lock rate option that ensures that the exchange rates remain the same for 30 days. Within this period of 30 days, you can send the money to your recipient with that exchange rate. To pay for Lebara Money transfer you can either use MasterCard or Visa Card that is valid and verified.

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