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The Co-Operative Bank Exchange Rates offers a number of solutions for sending money abroad for both business and personal customers. Those who are travelling abroad can easily order foreign currency in a number of different currencies. Those who may not want to take cash can also opt for pre-paid Cash Passport. A MasterCard that is preloaded with the required currency. Money can also be sent abroad easily by customers using their online banking or phoning customer services.

Business users also have a choice of solutions when sending money abroad. SWIFT used for a majority of foreign transfers and generally takes between one to four working days processing. Also, Co-Operative Bank Exchange Rates SEPA ideal for business users. Who wish to make a standard payment in Euros to anyone within the Single Euro Payments Area.

So, If a customer has an urgent payment to make in Euros. They can opt for the Real Time Euro Payment which is processed immediately. In addition, Co-Operative Bank Exchange Rates US Structured Payment is a low-cost solution. For those who send money to the United States of America frequently.

CO-OP personal International Money transfer services include

  • You can make a CHAPS payment between the hours of 8:30 am – 3:00 pm, Monday – Friday.
  • There is a standard charge of £25.00 for each payment.
  • CHAPS under £10,000 taken over the telephone for personal accounts.
  • CHAPS over £10,000 will require you to put the request in writing.

Co-Operative international money transfer services require you to provide Co-Op with the following information before a CHAPS payment made:-

Personal Services

  • Emigrating Emigrating
  • Managing Currency Exposure Managing Currency Exposure
  • One-off International Payments One-off International Payments
  • Overseas Properties Overseas Properties
  • Regular Monthly Payments Regular Monthly Payments

Business Services

  • Export Export
  • Hedging Strategies Hedging Strategies
  • Import Import
  • Managing Currency Exposure Managing Currency Exposure
  • Overseas Investments Overseas Investments

How to Apply

Co-Operative Bank Exchange Rates

  • To send money via Co-Operative bank account you need to provide the following information.
  • Sort Code and address of the beneficiary bank
  • Beneficiary account number and account name
  • Any reference number/name included with the payment
  • The amount to send
  • The date the transfer is to take place
  • You can transfer money from one account to another using ‘Money Transfers’. These will be instant if you’re sending the funds to a Co-operative Bank. Or smile account or take 3 working days to another bank.

Customers will need to hold a Co-Operative Bank Foreign Exchange Rates to take advantage of the solutions available. So an account applied for by visiting the website. Consequently, Customers should retain a copy of any terms and conditions for their records. Also, The Co-Operative Bank Foreign Exchange Rates has solid solutions in place that cover most requirements when transferring funds abroad. Although exchange rates not viewed on the website, customers querying rates contact customer services for assistance.

To receive euro payments?

  • Their name in full:
  • Your account name and IBAN. Found on your statement or on mobile app under Digital Banking under 'View account details'

For all other payments?

  • Their name in full: 
  • Your branch sort code
  • The branch name and address
  • Your account name and number or identifier.

Most noteworthy, these rates will not beat any currency exchange company. So, Unless you transfer large amounts of money for business use? Hence a preferred customer. Consequently, you need to have an account opened with them? In order to complete a money transfer transaction.

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