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BNP Paribas Bank Exchange Rates is a global giant with nearly 190 000 employees in 75 countries. Hence, This bank provides a variety of services to their clients. Also, they take a great pride in is international payment.

Here is how it works at BNP Paribas Bank Exchange Rates:

Payment order - The bank receives single payment order or a file of payment orders ( known as bulk uploads) to process. For all the transfers outside the SEPA zone, things can get a bit more complicated since different countries have different laws about the international money transfer. For example, in China. You have to write the reason for payment and in Russia detailed information on the purpose of the payment. 

When writing the payment order, you should be mindful of a few things. Always give complete information and don't write the initials of the beneficiary. Be very clear on the purpose of payment, if you must give one. All the information must be written in Latin alphabet.

Validating the payment order with BNP Paribas Bank Exchange Rates -
After receiving the payment order, the bank needs to check whether or not the beneficiary is subject to financial sanction or lives in a country which is under embargo. Also, you can only send convertible currencies. Restricted currencies cannot leave the country, but the money converted to EUR or USD and sent. 

Executing payment with BNP Paribas Bank Exchange Rates -
The biggest task for the bank is finding the shortest and the easiest way to send money to beneficiaries. At the end of this process, the customer receives the bank statement with all of the information.

BNP Paribas Bank Cost of transaction -
There are three ways how the cost of international payment paid:

  1. OUR - The principal pays everything, including the costs charged by the beneficiary´s bank.

  2. BEN - The beneficiary pays for all of the costs, including those charged by the principles bank.

  3. SHA (Shared) - Hence, the costs shared by the beneficiary and the principle.

European transfers are always shared. For the large international transfers. Consequently,  BNP Paribas Bank Exchange Rates paved the way for easier processing by presenting blockchain technology. It has recently been used to process the payment in different currencies for Panini group. And Amcor between bank accounts in Netherlands, Germany and United Kingdom.

Personal Services

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How to Apply

BNP Paribas Bank Exchange Rates

For transfers within the SEPA zone up to 50 000 EUR to or from accounts held in BNP Paribas International Money Transfer Payments Services. The usual rate goes from 0. 5 up to 12 EUR. For all the other international transfers in convertible currencies too. And from accounts held in BNP Paribas International Money Transfer Payments Account. The basic rate of 5 EUR is paid for outgoing transfer and 0 EUR for an incoming transfer.

Opening an account with BNP Paribas International Money Transfer Payments Services free. And customers not obligated to make an exchange once the account live. The application process should take no longer than 10 minutes. Once the account is open customers can exchange their foreign currency as and when required. Cleared funds required before a trade can commence. Please retain any terms and conditions for your records.

BNP Paribas Bank Exchange Rates Timescales for the transfer?
When the money will be available to beneficiary depends on the principle´s bank. After making the payment order, the principle should ask their banker when the beneficiary will receive the money. 

Protection - SWIFT network used by many banks worldwide, including BNP Paribas, to track the money and protect the transfer. It allows banks to stop the payment, regardless where it is.

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