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O2 have launched a new visa prepaid card which is gaining popularity amongst customers as it does not charge any application fee. It is perfect for the usage of adolescents who are looking for services which will provide them the ability to purchase on line in a secure environment. The O2 Load and Go card is freely available to all customers, both existing as well as new who have an O2 mobile. The O2 mobile company is providing people with a free sim card which can be used to get an O2 prepaid card.

In order for a client to get hold of an O2 card the client needs to enter his or her mobile number and create an online account which is absolutely free of charge. Once this is done, the O2 Load and Go card will be sent to the address of the client and activation is not required till the client wants to use the card. The best thing about the usage of O2 Card is the fact that no application fee, or transaction fees or monthly fees are charged. Even ATM fees as well as top up fees are not charged either, making it a card which saves a lot of money. Parents can check the spending habit of their children as it helps them to keep their spending habit in check. The card is the most ideal form of payment card for children. Moreover O2 in collaboration with Visa have switched off access to certain websites as parental guidance is required. The maximum annual limit which can be set up is that of 1800 pounds. Moreover the card cannot be used either on Ebay or Paypal.

The card is an ideal financial learning tool for kids as they can directly manage their expenses using this card.

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