Moneybookers allows its clients to send and receive money online in simple, safe, secure and fast method. This is done with an online wallet also known as the e-wallet. An e-wallet is basically the account where the customer’s money is stored. Customers can, with the help of moneybookers, send money anywhere in the world with just an e-mail id or through as many as 60,000 merchants accepting payments with Moneybookers.

Payment is accepted through bank accounts, credit card, debit card, any local payment provider or just by existing funds in you Moneybookers account. As soon as all the financial data is safely stored with Moneybookers, all the customer needs for going ahead with the transfer is an email id and a private password and the customer does not have to reveal private information online ever again.

The benefits of using Moneybookers are

è Payments are in “real-time” – in other words instanteneous

è No other details such as bank account are required after the first time – just an email address

è Financial information is kept safe and ecrypted

è Clear fees and fee calculator available

Moneybookers is connected to local payment network of many countries. Local payment option, domestic banks and payment cheques are absolutely free of charge. Hence it is advisable to use local payment method for money transfer.

Moneybookers are authorized and approved by the Financial Service Authority of UK (FSA). Protecting client’s personal information is of utmost importance to Moneybookers. One has to pay at the most € 0.50 for sending funds to someone through bank transfer. It is one of Moneybookers free of charge local payment options. Other local payment options providers demand a processing charge; hence, at times Moneybookers has to enforce a minimal charge for transferring funds.

Receiving money is totally free of charge from Moneybookers.

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