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Money Transfer to Nigeria

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Money Transfer to Nigeria

  • Minimum Transfer
  • Max Transfer Fee
  • Margin Rates
  • Rate Per Single Unit
  • 100,000 GBP
    gets you
  • £10
  • 4
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  • 1.296
  • 129,589 EUR

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Money Transfer to Nigeria

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Whatever your reason for sending money to Nigeria, Compare Money Transfer will make your currency transfer as straight forward and cost effective as possible.

  • Buying property in Nigeria?
  • Emigrating to Nigeria?
  • Paying Overseas Services / Importing / Exporting to Nigeria?
  • Regular Payments to Nigeria?

Currency for Nigeria

The Nigerian Naira (NGN) is now the official currency of Nigeria which is divided into 100 kobo. Nigeria’s is mainly a cash used country and it is illegal to change money on the street.

Send Money Transfer to Nigeria

International money transfers can always be a complicated task. You can end up losing thousands of pounds in the poor money transfer transactions. Today there is an increased interest among real estate investors to buy property in Nigeria . If you are interested in buying a real estate property in Nigeria , you will have to enter into international money transfers. You will have to make sure that you send money to Nigeria in a legal way to ensure that all your transactions are hassle free. You will have to protect yourself against all undesirable currency exchange trends when you send money to Nigeria . You cannot travel with your home currency hoping to do currency exchange on the streets of Nigeria . This is both illegal and risky. You must first weigh your options carefully to ensure that your hard earned money is well used and not wasted in the form of poor exchange rates.

Those who have used the high street banks to transfer money to Nigeria have burnt their fingers very badly as high street banks offer them very poor exchange rates. Added to that they also levy heavy transaction fees on each transaction increasing the loss further. Though many banks claim to offer foreign exchange services and money transfers to Nigeria with zero percentage commission, in reality, they charge their customers heavily through hidden charges and worst exchange rates.

Make a quick comparison of the market rate for the currency that you need to transfer. This will give you a clear picture whether your banks are giving you a good exchange rate or not. It is best to approach money transfer brokers who are experts in getting the best rates and predicting the currency trends accurately. They will help you make profitable money transfer to Nigeria.

Whether you are planning to migrate to Nigeria or paying your staff in Nigeria , you must first finalize your money transfer method so that you will not end up in last minute rush. When you engage in last minute money transfer to Nigeria , you are likely to overlook many of the disadvantages and end up in loss for the want of time.

With our foreign exchange assistance you will be able to minimize the cost of transferring money to Nigeria . We will show you ways that you can use for profitable money transfer to Nigeria .

Not everyone possesses the required knowledge in Forex transactions and this ignorance can lead to faulty transactions when you approach a foreign exchange broker, you will be able to benefit from their experience as they will give you appropriate guidance based on your specific money transfer needs to Nigeria . Always compare your money transfer options before you send money to Nigeria to protect yourself from loss.

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More InfoIf you are buying a property overseas and need to make a deposit or send the full transactional value to another currency? Use World First they will offer and beat the rate that is offered by your bank plus offer no transfer fee for over £5000 when sending international transfers.

For Business

More InfoSole trader? New starter? small to medium size business? No matter how big the monetary value. UKForex will offer you a commercial rate of exchange to ensure you come back time after time and as well as the best rate of exchange they will price match a currency offer from a high street bank subject to terms.

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