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Whatever your reason for sending money to Malaysia, Compare Money Transfer will make your currency transfer as straight forward and cost effective as possible.

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Currency for Malaysia

The Ringgit (MYR) is the official currency of Malaysia which is divided into 100 Sen.

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High street banks were the only mode of transmission used earlier to send money to Malaysia. As people were left with no other options, they had to use only high street banks to send money to Malaysia despite the fact that they charged their customers heavily. When you use high street banks for doing any type of money transfer to Malaysia, you will have to pay the transaction fee, the commission and other hidden charges that will vary depending on the terms of the high street bank you use.

The commission that is charged will also vary depending on the amount of money that you send to Malaysia. With the invention of the internet and other latest technologies, everything has changed and there are many options available online and offline to send money to Malaysia.

There are several hundreds of foreign exchange brokers available, whom you can best use to have a safe and cost effective transaction. Moreover, when you use foreign exchange brokers, you can select the foreign exchange broker depending on your needs and the type of transaction that you are planning to have.

Currency exchange to foreign countries is no more a problem, as there are many cost effective ways of sending money to Malaysia and other countries. You will just have to find the right foreign exchange broker who will meet all your needs and doing this will not be a problem as we will be able to help you in this regard.

You can use the information available in our website about various foreign exchange brokers and the rates that they offer. Based on these information and the rates that are available, you can best select the foreign exchange broker who will suit you the most. Foreign exchange brokers do a lot of currency exchange everyday to Malaysia.

This is the main reason how they are able to do currency exchange at wholesale rates. As the currency transfer that takes place is taking place at wholesale rates, they are able to offer good exchange rates that will help customers in gaining more when they are sending huge amount of money to Malaysia.

However, high street banks will not be able to offer this exchange rate as they themselves will not be exchanging currency at wholesale rates and therefore it will not be possible for them to pay such high exchange rates.

he currency transfer services that are offered by foreign exchange brokers are reliable and are less time consuming when compared with the time taken by high street banks. Thus, as using high street banks is both time consuming and expensive, it will be best to use foreign exchange brokers to send money to Malaysia

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For Individuals

More InfoIf you are buying a property overseas and need to make a deposit or send the full transactional value to another currency? Use World First they will offer and beat the rate that is offered by your bank plus offer no transfer fee for over £5000 when sending international transfers.

For Business

More InfoSole trader? New starter? small to medium size business? No matter how big the monetary value. UKForex will offer you a commercial rate of exchange to ensure you come back time after time and as well as the best rate of exchange they will price match a currency offer from a high street bank subject to terms.

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