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Whatever your reason for sending money to Jamaica, Compare Money Transfer will make your currency transfer as straight forward and cost effective as possible.

  • Buying property in Jamaica?
  • Emigrating to Jamaica?
  • Paying Overseas Services / Importing / Exporting to Jamaica?
  • Regular Payments to Jamaica?

Currency for Jamaica

The Jamaican Dollar (JMD) is the official currency of Jamaica which is divided into 100 Cents.

Send Money Transfer to Jamaica

You may be planning to buy a real estate property in Jamaica and the transaction may require you to pay in local currency. You may have your business operation in Jamaica for which you may be required to send money to Jamaica periodically to pay the bills and to pay your staff. Or you may be buying goods from Jamaica that requires you to make money transfer to Jamaica regularly.

What you need here is a reliable way to send money to Jamaica. Luckily we have many options today to send money to Jamaica unlike before. Not until recently we had all these options that we have today. People had to depend on high street banks to send money to Jamaica. Today it is hard to think how people managed with high street banks that offer so poor conversion rates on each money transfer.

You will be able to get much higher currency conversion rates these days from foreign exchange brokers. High street banks continue to offer their customers lowest exchange rates despite the highest level of competition in the industry as if they are immune to the existing competition in this industry.

If you have been using high street banks to send money to Jamaica, you will be able to save a great deal of money by using one of the foreign exchange brokers. Don’t worry, you need not be apprehensive about the arduous task of identifying the best foreign exchange broker that you can entrust to make money transfer to Jamaica.

Our foreign exchange service comparison section will help you deal with your money transfer needs to Jamaica in the easiest way possible. All the information you need to make well informed decision is made available to you in just few clicks. Do not hesitate to use our services confidently and you have nothing to lose as it is absolutely free service.

Using our free comparison service, you will be able to choose the cheapest money transfer service. High street banks are not the cheapest solutions and they are also not the fastest solution either. High street banks take much longer than the transfers made by foreign exchange brokers.

There are number of foreign exchange brokers that offer instant fund transfer services. You will not only get instant fund transfers but you will also be able to get the best conversion rates for your currency when you send money to Jamaica. So why not take advantage of our services and get the best deals. Save thousands of pounds on your money transfer to Jamaica. All the foreign exchange brokers that we have featured here at our website are very safe and you can confidently choose any of them based on your requirements.

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For Individuals

More InfoIf you are buying a property overseas and need to make a deposit or send the full transactional value to another currency? Use World First they will offer and beat the rate that is offered by your bank plus offer no transfer fee for over £5000 when sending international transfers.

For Business

More InfoSole trader? New starter? small to medium size business? No matter how big the monetary value. UKForex will offer you a commercial rate of exchange to ensure you come back time after time and as well as the best rate of exchange they will price match a currency offer from a high street bank subject to terms.

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