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When buying property or transferring your pension payments abroad, transfer fees and other charges can affect the return on your money greatly as each time you make an individual transfer which includes an exchange of currency, separate transfer fees will apply. With a bank, this could be as much as £40 per transfer dependent on the amount you are sending in each installment, which can work out extremely costly for you as a customer.

Setting up a regular payment plan with a trusted foreign exchange broker like RationalFX is quick and secure and they can save you money in all areas of the transfer. They offer exchange rates with an improvement of up to 6% in comparison to banks in order to get the most return for your money. They can send to over 80 countries worldwide in around 40 currencies and will be able to send your money quickly, securely and with minimal effort. If you arrange a payment plan for regular transfers, you can also guarantee yourself an exchange rate to protect yourself from market fluctuations.

There are zero transfer fees on transfers between £2,500 and £100,000 when using Xendpay, the online payment platform from RationalFX and they never take a commission from any transfer. Start saving money on your regular payments abroad immediately and see how much money you could save when comparing them to other money transfer methods.

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