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There are some amazing job opportunities available when moving to America and transferring your money. The United States is twice the size of the European Union and has over 300 million in population and is one of the top political, economical and industrial nations in the world. Lots of people from the UK consider moving to America for a number of reasons and a big contribution to that number is people who move to the United States in search of better employment opportunities and quality of life.

All types of people want to live and work in America, including gap-year students, people on work or student placements, graduates, professionals, teachers and even families looking for a change of scenery. Whatever category you fit in to, and even if you don’t! We thought it would be a good idea to give you some information on how to save and transfer money when going to America. There are a lot of factors to think of where money and time are concerned, one of those being how exactly you plan to transfer your money to a US bank account.

Transferring money abroad can vary in time and cost, so you have to make sure that you get the best possible deal you can on things that cost – exchange rates, commission, services, administration etc. Do some research in to different ways but make sure you find out which type of money transfer service will work out to your advantage. All of the costs can vary depending on a number of things, but the most crucial factors are the amount of money you are transferring and how fast you want the money transferred. Sometimes security is an after thought for people, but try and make sure it’s not! Making sure your money can be trusted in the hands of your chosen choice to send your money is vital and is actually quite simple to check. In the UK, for a financial service company, make sure the company you choose is authorised by the official Financial Services Authority (FSA) and regulated by HMRC, who can ensure that the dealing of money which takes place is legitimate and trustworthy.

One company that we have encountered that covers all of these important points for transferring your money is RationalFX. They offer “quick, safe and secure” international money transfers and they are extremely cheap to use. Sending money can literally be arrange within minutes and their exchange rates are very competitive. They are a foreign exchange broker so the rates they offer you are closer to commercial rates which companies operate with, as opposed to ‘tourist rates’ which are often seen in many other money sending companies. This can save you more and more money with the more money you transfer. They also offer free transfers with no service charges or handling fees, as well as no commission. It almost sounds too good to be true but because they are such a large company, they are able to offer these deals to the public. First f all it helps them to ‘top’ their rivals, but they mainly make their money through the buying of the currency anyway.

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