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As an EU citizen, it is relatively easy to be entitled to relocate to other EU nations. The Netherlands is no different and migrating there does not usually pose too much of a problem. If you are planning to relocate to the Netherlands, you will be required to register with the IND (Immigration and Naturalisation Service) who will validate your passport to ensure that you are eligible to migrate there. Very few circumstances restrict this eligibility to reside in the Netherlands, including criminal convictions or lack of evidence that you can sustain a living in the Netherlands.

When you arrive in the Netherlands, work is not hard to come by. With only a 3.5% unemployment rate, Netherlands has a considerable work force and is becoming more and more popular with European migrants looking for employment. Coming from the UK, a work permit will not usually be necessary as long as you have registered with the IND. When you arrive in the Netherlands, you will not need to pay tax for a full calendar year, due to your status as a migrant. Once the year has passed, you will be considered ‘private’, which classes you the same as a Dutch citizen, and therefore liable to pay equal amounts of tax. You will be taxed on income from work and dwellings, income from substantial interest and income from savings and investments.

With the Euro being the dominant currency all over the EU nations, there are many options you can employ to exchange your currency from Pounds to Euros. If you are relocating to the Netherlands, you will most likely need to open a Dutch bank account, and transfer all of your needed funds there. This can be a costly process so make sure you research the best ways to transfer money to the Netherlands. The Euro exchange rate is currently holding around the €1.15 mark at the moment, with not much fluctuation predicted, though nothing is certain in Europe at the moment. Keep an eye on the latest Euro exchange rates to confirm that you are getting the best exchange rate possible when you are transferring money. The Netherlands is deemed economically stable, though it is likely to have some sort of effect, just as anywhere else if there is a considerable decline in the European economy.

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