EU Summit far exceeds market expectations, fuelling euro rally

EU Summit far exceeds market expectations, fuelling euro rally Market confidence in the build-up to last week’s EU Summit was pretty much at rock


Greece votes in favour of the euro but market relief short-lived

The long-awaited Greek elections last Sunday produced the result the market wanted, but only to an extent. New Democracy - the main pro-bailout, pro-euro party


Pressures ease somewhat as Spanish banks receive €100bn bailout

The weekend headlines have revealed that Spain’s banks will be given the support they desperately need through €100bn of emergency EU funding. This is a


June 2012 Outlook Report

Doom and gloom on the domestic front but GBP remains popular The basket case that is Greece has dominated the financial headlines in recent weeks. The


The Queen’s Jubilee: Good or Bad for Sterling?

Now there’s no doubt that the people of the UK are welcoming with open arms the extra bank holiday that will be part of the Queen’s Jubilee celebrations.


Greek opinion polls provide some hope but confidence still fragile

Greek opinion polls give the market some hope  The euro was given some relief in early Monday trading by the positive news that in Greece, the conservative


Sterling’s rally finally comes to a halt

Whilst sterling remains strong against the commodity currencies, it has suffered somewhat against the euro and the US dollar in recent sessions. The Bank of


Euro suffers from prospect of fresh Greek elections

Sterling remains flavour of the month Sterling has climbed by a further three cents against the euro in the past fortnight. Sterling’s progress against


May 2012 Outlook Report: Sterling flying high

Sterling has enjoyed an excellent month, with more gains likely to come against the euro Sterling has performed excellently in the past month, hitting fresh


Sterling holds onto gains despite confrirmation of UK double dip

UK enters a technical recession but sterling still flying high The preliminary reading of the UK’s Q1 GDP figure came in last week to reveal a 0.2%


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