Olympic games are over; now back to reality

Writing in the Mail on Sunday, Sir Mervyn King pondered the possible economic legacy of the Olympic games; "By spreading happiness and good cheer the Games


July Round Up

The month of July was not at all kind to the euro. From start to finish it fell by 3% against the pound and was the month's worst-performing major currency. As


Showtime for Mario Draghi

It is not unusual to see in supermarkets a one-kilo box of something for £2.79 and a two-kilo family pack for £5.79. Like national lottery tickets, retailers


Euro rallies on the back of ECB speech

Until Thursday morning it was looking like business as usual for the euro. Weak Euroland purchasing managers' index readings, a negative outlook for Germany's


GBP/EUR has reached levels not seen since October 2008

Again it was the euro at the bottom of the heap, this time for a third successive week. On Monday morning it touched a two-year low against the US dollar, a 3


Near four-year high!

For the second week in succession the euro and its doppelganger, the Swiss franc, were the worst-performing major currencies. It was not that there was any


The Affect of PMI’s

The "breakthrough" trumpeted by EU President Van Rompuy at the end of June has yet to persuade investors that the euro's problems are over. The idea is for the


Sterling Volatility

The Euro has been under pressure from the mounting issues in the Eurozone which has been great for Euro buyers. The bailout for Spain impressed investors for


The whole world nervously awaits the outcome of this weekend’s Greek election results.

Sterling has fallen by about half a cent against the euro since last Friday morning. It covered a range of just over two cents, bottoming out on Monday morning


Changes in Euroland

Having covered a range of just under two cents the pound started this Friday morning about half a cent lower on the week against the euro. Along the way it was


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