Italy sees boost in overseas home buyers

New data from the Italian Scenari Immobiliari research institute has revealed that second home sales to overseas buyers rose by 14% in 2012. Investors from Russia, the UK, Germany and Scandinavia were particularly active when it came to the foreign nationalities purchasing second homes in the country throughout the period. However, recent moves by the […]


Sareb assets tempt private equity buyers

The ‘bad bank’ set up as part of Spain’s bailout conditions has been having a rough time in persuading the markets that it would meet the targets set out for it, but now it looks like the tide may be turning. Although the market has shown signs of recovery in recent months with an increase […]


Malta introduces new residency scheme

One of the major trends that has been taking hold in property markets around the world over the past year or more is that of governments offering residency inducements for foreign buyers. The schemes are aimed at bringing overseas investment into a country by tempting foreign nationals to buy into domestic property markets. Although some […]


Spain’s ‘Bad Bank’ Struggling To Find Buyers

Sareb, the ‘bad bank’ set up to take the toxic assets off the books of other banks, is struggling to offload the property to new buyers. High property prices are being blamed for ‘deterring investors’ and not attracting the level of interest that had been aimed for. The assets are mainly distressed property that is […]


Overseas investment returning to Italy

Italian property prices continue to fall and in doing so have caught the attention of overseas investors. Sales suffered a dramatic fall of 26% across the country in the last year amidst problems for Italian nationals in terms of getting mortgages and paying the extra taxes levied as part of the austerity measures of the […]


Italian Estate Agents Welcome New Government Moves

In a series of measures aimed at improving the standing of Italy’s economy, new Prime Minister Enrico Letta is taking action to help the country’s property market get moving. Already there are signs of optimism in global markets with borrowing costs on Italy’s 10-year bonds dropping below 4% for the first time since 2010, and […]


New Law for Spanish Holiday Rentals

The fact that Spain relies on its tourism industry for such a large percentage of its overseas income seems to fly in the face of proposed new legislation surrounding holiday home rentals in the country. With an economy that is still struggling to pull out of crisis mode and with the ailing property market playing […]


Munich’s Commercial Sector Rivals That of Berlin

Although many would think that Berlin would be the city of choice for basing a business operation in Germany, in fact Munich has much to offer in competition. Renting in the commercial sector in Munich means that you can take advantage of a great choice of serviced offices in modern and well maintained buildings. Investors […]


Italian property tempting German buyers

Set against a backdrop of poor residential sales and tight mortgage lending, the state of the domestic Italian property market was one of the main points of discussion in the recent election in the country. As well as pressures brought by the continuing eurozone crisis, the increases in taxation levels that have been applied to […]


Saint James is the hotspot in Barbados

Saint James is the most popular region on the island for those looking to buy property in Barbados and accounts for 38% of all online enquiries, according to a new report from The western region of Barbados, with its famous “Platinum Coast”, beat Christ Church as the place that most potential buyers are interested […]


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