Market reacts to UK GDP Q3 figure

Sterling hit a one week high against the Euro and rose versus the US Dollar


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Free Currency Trend Looking to get free currency trend reports, use compare money transfer, just add your email address to the currency calculator below and you will be added to our mailing list. Alternatively you can select any one of the brokers by just clicking on their logo and complete the form to receive free [...]


No new news for the US Dollar

No new news for the US Dollar is bad news as the August the 2nd deadline edges ever nearer. The White House and Congress are at loggerheads over the raising of the US national debt ceiling and just how to do it. US President Barack Obama has called the Republicans both “Reckless and irresponsible”, this [...]


Exchange rates for the rupee

Tuesday saw the rupee claw its way back up when it made a strong opening at after it dropped to its lowest level in foreign currency exchange trading in a week on Monday. The Indian unit stood at Rs 44.84 per dollar in early morning activity on June 14th, responding to strong share performance in [...]


UK inflation is expected to increase further

As Mervyn King prepares his quill and ink to write what will be his seventh consecutive letter to Chancellor George Osborne, the question is being asked as to how nervous the Bank of England are about inflation. UK inflation is expected to increase further this morning from Junes 4.2% reading. This level is over double [...]


The Euro has bounced

The Euro bounced back from yesterday’s sharp losses ahead of today’s Italian bond auction. The Euro suffered its biggest single day drop against the Dollar for more than a year and may continue to find itself under pressure in the near future. Italian 10 year bonds rose to over 7% yesterday which was the same [...]


EUR / USD hits low in Asian Market

EUR/USD tested 4 month lows overnight in the Asian session hitting 1.2905. As I said yesterday I see no reason for optimism on the EUR. Is there a solution to the debt crisis? Answers on a postcard please. On the EUR/USD pair we’ll have a few attempts at 1.29 as there’ll be resistance at the [...]


Investors are now viewing a Greek exit as increasingly likely..

Investors are now viewing a Greek exit as increasingly likely. With political dynamics shifting, a new Greek Government will have to interact with left wing parties that will call for a renegotiation of Greek terms with the Troika. I see a breakdown in said negotiations leaving Greece cut off from funding and thus, in all [...]


EUR exposure work market orders

EUR/USD is struggling to break in either direction. We reached a high of 1.2623 on early morning trade yesterday and then we dropped down to around the 1.2530 level. It’s struggling to break through the psychological level of 1.25. I fully expect us to break this with a continuation down to around 1.2380. We’ve had [...]


problems with Facebook’s IPO

Yesterday was very flat compared to last week’s excitement with rates trading within quite a narrow range. There was very little data out yesterday which is the likeliest reason why it was so quiet with most market attention being focused on the problems with Facebook’s IPO. Yesterday was very flat compared to last week’s excitement [...]


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