A brief guide on the cheapest way to send money worldwide

People send money abroad for a variety of reasons: topping up an overseas bank account, paying bills for homes abroad, investing in property abroad, transferring pension payments and salaries... Although the reasons for transferring money internationally may vary, one thing remains consistent between customers – wanting to find the cheapest deal.


Average price of an apartment in Greece falls by nearly 10%

Recession-stricken Greece can only sit by and watch as residential property prices continue to spiral downwards.


The Pound’s enduring strength sees Brits flocking to Europe again

New figures suggest that Brits are flocking to popular European holiday destinations again in huge numbers for the first time since the recession hit the UK in 2007. It is thought that the positive performance of the pound over the Euro is the principal reason for this latest trend.


Foreign property investors may be set to turn their attention to London

It has been reported that a growing number of nationalities are investing in property in London as the city is regarded as one of the best places in the world to live. send money to uk


Favoured French locations offer potential property bargains to Brits

Property values in certain areas within France that are especially popular with British buyers are falling as the euro reaches new lows against the pound.


Investors set to benefit from eurozone crisis

If anything positive can come from the eurozone crisis it is that property investors can snap up a bargain when it comes to buying a home in one of the affected countries.


European property market plunges

The European property market has crashed by a figure 65% in the last year as low property transactions hit hard-pressed economies.


Property investors encouraged to move quickly to grab Swiss apartments

Overseas property investors are being warned that time may be running out to snap up one of the new properties being built in Crest-Voland Cohennoz, which has been described as one of Europe’s most stunning mountain settings.


Miami property investors may have to dig deeper

The price of property in Miami has risen generally for the sixth consecutive month during May.


Mallorca yachting reels in overseas property buyers

Overseas property investors find owning a property on Mallorca very attractive due to the major yachting events hosted by the island each year.


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